Lobby with HEAL

Lobby with HEAL

What are Community Lobbyists?

Community lobbyists help influence and encourage state legislators to implement community-centered solutions to Utah’s biggest environmental threats. As a community lobbyist with HEAL, you will share your perspective on legislative policy regarding clean energy, air quality, and radioactive waste with your elected representatives.

How does it work?

HEAL Utah’s policy team monitors and actively participates in every step of the legislative process on our three main issues (clean air, clean energy, and radioactive waste).

Community Lobbyists (that’s you!) are called in when we see an opportunity for the public to provide feedback and voice their concerns or support on proposed legislation. Our team preps fact sheets + talking points and is here to help you contact your lawmakers.

Why is this important?

Lawmakers only have 45 days to vote on many issues, and most of the time, they don’t have all the information needed to make an informed decision on legislation. By providing your perspective on an issue, you could be the one voice to sway a lawmaker to vote in support of or against a critical piece of legislation.

Sign up for lobbying trainings.

HEAL Utah hosts lobbying training every Tuesday + Thursday during the entire legislative session. You can sign up by filling out the form down below. 


Anyone! No experience is necessary. We welcome all interested individuals. Our trained lead lobbyists know the ropes, understands lobbying, and will help you get started.

Nope! If you reside in Utah and are worried about any issue, then your voice counts! With or without documentation, lawmakers represent YOU! 

The Utah Capitol is ADA-compliant, and our team members are more than happy to help you with any accommodations.Email us at info@healutah for more info. 

As of November 2022, masks, social distancing, and vaccines are NOT required at the Utah State Capitol. Our team provides masks during our training and encourages you to use masks, be vaccinated, and practice social distancing.

You can tune in to get an update and brief of what bills we will be working on. We will ensure you know how to use the website, find out who your lawmakers are, and receive the fact sheets and talking points to send at your leisure.

Our team primarily focuses on proposed legislation on clean air, clean energy + climate, and radioactive waste. You can see what bills we are keeping tabs on here. 

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