25 Years of Protecting Utah's Environment and Its People

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For 25 years, HEAL Utah has led Utah's environmental protection efforts, creating community-driven policies and solutions to address pressing challenges, supported by thousands of volunteers, we aim to protect Utah's environment and its people.

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Protecting Communities From Air Pollution 

Advocating for clean air is vital for combating climate change. HEAL Utah strengthens air quality regulations, supports public health, and defends frontline communities.

Building An Inclusive Clean Energy Future

We promote a clean energy future for Utah, reducing emissions, stabilizing the climate, and fostering adaptation, resilience, health equity, and economic opportunity.

Protecting Communities from Radioactive and Toxic Exposure.

Radioactive and toxic materials are a crisis for both the environment and public health, linked to our climate crisis. We advocates for a future that addresses these impacts and stands with Utah’s communities.

Join our Movement

Join us in safeguarding Utah's environment and communities. Together, we'll secure clean air, clean energy, and protections against toxic and radioactive waste. With 15,000+ supporters, let's make a difference. Will you stand with us?

HEAL Utah empowers grassroots advocates, uses science-based solutions, and develops common-sense policy.

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Our Work

HEAL Utah prioritizes solutions that address our air quality crisis, support a just and equitable energy transition, and keep our communities safe from toxic and radioactive waste.

About HEAL

For over 20 years, HEAL has fought to protect Utah’s health and our natural world from environmental threats, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Get Involved

From volunteers and community lobbyists and those who send letters and emails, we depend on you to help us advance the environmental policies we all care about.

The Latest Updates

Read the latest updates on all things HEAL Utah related and the progress of our current campaigns.

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