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KPCW Park City

HEAL Utah Community Engagement Director Kenna Patiño talks about some of the issues the state organization is following during this legislative session.

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Park Record

Williams, a former physician who has been working on fighting exposure to radioactivity for the past 20 years, said radiation finds its way into communities through insidious ways.

“I went to medical school with someone who developed thyroid cancer, and all of his siblings developed thyroid cancer,” he said. “They lived in Salt Lake City but got their milk delivered from a dairy that was in Washington County. And that’s where the radiation found its way into the population.”

The most common way radiation spreads is through the air, said Williams

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Salt Lake Tribune

“We should be listening to the EPA,” said Vielleux. “The EPA has the best available science. All that ozone is crossing state borders, and it’s polluting other places. If those plants need to be shut down by the EPA, we’re going to take their word for it. Instead of spending $2 million on a lawsuit, maybe they should be spending $2 million thinking about where those jobs are going to be when the coal plants start shutting down. We’re just lighting money on fire for what purpose?”

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KRCL 90.9

Legislative Priorities with HEAL Utah’s Lexi Tuddenham and Dr. Brian Moench of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment.

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