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Without our 14,000+ supporters, none of the work we do would be possible. From event volunteers and citizen lobbyists at the capitol to donors and those who send letters and emails to their elected officials, we depend on you to help us advance the environmental policies we all care about. 

We take pride in the efforts of our supporters and allies, and we are constantly working to help build a more active, inclusive advocacy community. There are multiple ways for you to be involved directly with HEAL and our campaigns. Pick one, or all, from below. 

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Head to our volunteer page to learn about opportunities and sign up to come volunteer with us at a community event or in our office.

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The HEAL Utah Podcast

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We are a donor-based organization, meaning we depend completely on your generosity and your confidence that we are always working on your behalf. Please give what you can today.

Action Alerts

We make it easy to contact your lawmakers through our action alerts, which connect you directly with them. Check out our action alert page to see if there are any opportunities to take action today.

Become a citizen lobbyist

From mid-January to early March, during Utah’s 7-week legislative session, we basically camp out at the Capitol (well, we would if there were easily-accessible showers). You don’t have to bivouac with us, but you can come by to join us for citizen lobby days. We provide initial training, which includes a briefing on bills we are working on and we’ll accompany you as you speak informally with your representatives. Sign up to volunteer here and reach out to our Grassroots Organizer Carmen Valdez ( to learn more. Plus, stay in the loop during the legislative session with our weekly legislative updates — sign up for them here.

Register to vote

Voting is one of the most important ways to keep the environment healthy for future generations. Register, read up on the issues, candidates, and referendums, then vote and repeat! You can get set up to do it in 3 minutes or less by heading here

Write a letter to the editor

Getting a letter to the editor in your local paper is a great way to draw attention, from your community and even elected officials, to an environmental issue that you’re passionate about. Take a look at our letter to the editor guide to help get started.