Why should you contact them?

Contacting our lawmakers is one of your most powerful tools to ensure our voices are heard. Being an effective advocate for your community means raising your concerns and holding your legislators accountable for accurately representing their constituents.


Who represents you?

You have representation at many levels. From elected leaders at your place of work or school to neighborhood/community councils, city and county officials, school board members, state legislators, and US congressmen/women. I highly encourage you to try to get to know or contact as many as possible. 

At the state level, you have two representatives, your Senator and your House of Representative. We have 29 Utah Senators, each representing 1 of the 29 senate districts, and 75 Utah House of Representatives, each representing 1 of the 75 house districts. Senators serve four-year terms and represent about 70,000 individuals while House of  Representatives serve two-year terms and represent about 40,000 Utahns.

Utah has a part-time legislature, meaning that… they meet part-time throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, they have an annual general session that meets for 45-days from the end of January to March. Outside the general session, the legislature typically meets once a month throughout the rest of the year.

Did you know that visitors are encouraged to visit the Utah State Capitol Building? As long as it is during business hours, the east doors are always open, and you can take a walk through the people’s house!

350 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Take Action

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