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HEAL Utah Announces Top Priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session

Salt Lake City, UT (Enero 22) – HEAL Utah, a leading environmental advocacy organization, announces its top priorities for the 2024 legislative session. HEAL Utah remains committed to advancing policies that protect communities from air pollution, build an inclusive clean energy future, promote climate resilience and health equity, and safeguard communities from toxic and radioactive waste. These priorities reflect our dedication to creating a sustainable and healthy future for all Utahns.

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HEAL Utah Statement on NuScale and UAMPS Decision to Cancel “Carbon Free Power Project”

In response to NuScale and UAMPS canceling the “Carbon Free Power Project,” HEAL Utah underscores the project’s unsustainable cost trajectory and diminishing city participation. The cancellation leaves Utah cities in need of energy solutions, prompting HEAL Utah to advocate for a shift to transparent, community-involved renewable energy sources. Emphasizing a commitment to responsible initiatives, HEAL Utah urges collaboration among stakeholders for inclusive, ethical, and environmentally conscious sustainable energy development.

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Utah Nuclear Weapons Victims Call for Utah’s Delegation to Support Expansion of RECA that Would Include Northern Utah Downwinders

Advocates for downwinders held a press conference in Salt Lake City urging Utah’s Congressional delegation to support the expansion of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) to include all victims of nuclear weapons testing in Utah and other Western states. The bipartisan amendment, included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), awaits conferencing with the House. The expansion, supported by new evidence and resolutions from Utah entities, aims to provide justice to downwinders and uranium miners who suffered illnesses due to nuclear exposure. Despite bipartisan Senate approval, Utah senators did not vote in favor. Urgency is stressed as the current RECA program expires in Junio.

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Tribuna de Salt Lake

Si todos los caminos conducen a la energía limpia en Utah, algunos municipios como West Valley City se inclinan por tomar una vía alternativa para alcanzarla.

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Bloomberg Law

La Administración Biden defenderá la norma sobre contaminación atmosférica de Utah promulgada por Trump

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