2024 Capitol Report: Week One

2024 Capitol Report: Week One

7 days down, 38 more to go!

The Utah State Capitol was abuzz with activity during the first week of the legislative session, and we’re here to bring you a recap of the Week with some exciting updates. Let’s dive right in!

In his State of Address, Governor Spence Cox emphasized kindness and love, invoking the spirit of Utah’s “weirdness.” Notably, he addressed the Great Salt Lake, promising efforts to preserve it. For the full address, check out the full video above. 

El nuevo

Week one of the legislative session saw the introduction of an extensive list of bills, totaling over 500. Notably, several bills are moving swiftly through committee hearings and floor discussions, with one already signed into law by Governor Spence Cox.


HEAL Utah is actively monitoring this legislative influx, particularly focusing on more than 50 bills relevant to our core areas: energy, air quality, toxic waste, radioactive waste, and civic engagement. You can view all the bills HEAL Utah is currently watching by visiting our bill tracker below. 

The Good: Movement on Bills HEAL Utah Supports

House Bill 11, Water Efficient Landscaping Requirements: This bill, restricting the use of lawn or turf by certain governmental entities within the GSL basin, was voted favorably out of House Natural Resources Committee and is heading to the House Floor. TAKE ACTION: Contact your House Representatives and ask them to vote in favor of this bill.

House Bill 65, Active Transportation and Canal Trail Amendments: This bill which would ensure proper canal management and supports active transportation on canals, was held in the House Natural Resources Committee. TAKE ACTION: Contact members of the committee and urge them to support this bill. 

The Bad: Movement on bills HEAL Utah opposes

Senate Bill 57, Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act: This bill attempts to bypass federal regulations, with disastrous implications for air and land quality, such as reversing the EPA’s Ozone Transport Rule and Bears Ears. It passed the Senate Natural Resources Committee and is heading to the Senate Floor. TAKE ACTION! Contact your Senators and ask them to VOTE NO on SB 57.


Senate Bill 75, Mineral Amendments: This bill adds “critical mineral deposit”, changes tax credit limits for mining exploration, and requests federal consultation regarding critical mineral deposits. It passed the Senate Natural Resources Committee and is heading to the Senate Floor. TAKE ACTION! Contact your Senators and ask them to “Amend to include community consultation with prior and continued consent on mining projects to receive the tax credit.”

De cara al futuro

Rally to Save The Great Salt Lake at the Utah State Capitol 2024 

In the upcoming week, our efforts will involve engaging with lawmakers to prioritize our energy and air quality initiatives. We will also be connecting individuals to help us support bill HB. 11 and HB 65.


Our team will be examining the legality and possible amendments or avenues to help stop Senate Bill 57. Lastly, we will continue to break down new legislation and keep track of the over 50 environmental bills that are moving quickly.

Events/Community Lobbying

Join us tomorrow, Martes, Enero 23, virtually at 10 AM, or in person at the Utah State Capitol for our second community lobbying training! Get a quick breakdown of the legislation we are tracking, tour the capitol, and get a chance to speak face-to-face with your lawmakers. (It’s not as scary as it sounds!)

How to take action

For a detailed breakdown of ways to get involved during the legislative session, be sure to read our “TAKE ACTION DURING THE LEGISLATIVE SESSION” guide. It provides step-by-step guidance on how you can influence policies and support our mission.