2024 Capitol Report: Week Five

We hope everyone had an enjoyable President’s Day weekend, filled with relaxation and maybe a bit of reflection on our nation’s history.

This session, the spotlight has been on a concerning trend: a surge of legislation pushing for continued investment in fossil fuels. However, we must be crystal clear: this approach is wrong. Not only does the continual investment in fossil fuels harm our environment, but it also jeopardizes our economy and impedes our progress toward energy independence.

As we enter the final stretch with only 10 days left, the stakes are high, and every decision is crucial.

So, buckle up! It’s time to dive deep into the heart of the matter and stay informed about the legislation shaping our state’s future. Let’s make these last days count and ensure that Utah moves forward on a path that protects our environment and its health.

2024 Capitol Report: Week Four

Can you believe it? We’re officially past the halfway mark of the 2024 legislative session! Just like the halftime show at the Super Bowl, where Usher wowed us with his moves, we’ve wrapped up our own celebration with Transit Equity Day on the hill. With over 1,092 pieces of legislation on the table, it’s been a whirlwind of proposals and debates. HEAL Utah is keeping tabs on over 50 environmental bills, and we’ve got the highlights of the session – the touchdowns, the fumbles, and everything in between.

Navigating Utah’s Legislative Session​: Your HEAL Guide to Capitol Hill

Welcome to the 2024 Utah Legislative General Session, where the future of our state’s environmental policies is at stake. In this blog post, we will break down the legislative process and explore its significance in shaping Utah’s environmental landscape. HEAL Utah, an environmental advocacy organization plays a crucial role in pushing for policies that promote clean energy, improve air quality, protect our communities from toxic & radioactive exposure, and ensure transparency in decision-making. Let’s dive into how it all works!

Take Action During the Legislative Session

Las personas (¡como usted!) también pueden influir en las políticas que afectan a su salud y calidad de vida alzando la voz y convirtiéndose en grupos de presión comunitarios.

Cada año vemos cómo más y más personas redefinen lo que significa ser un grupo de presión que antepone la comunidad, la responsabilidad y las personas a los beneficios, sentando las bases de una era de mayor democracia en el Capitolio.