La sesión legislativa ha terminado. ¿Y ahora qué?

Ahora que nuestros legisladores han tenido unos meses para recuperarse de la Sesión General de este año, se están preparando para su primera reunión de la sesión interina del año. ¿No sabe en qué consiste la sesión provisional? ¿Te preguntas cómo puedes participar? No se preocupe. Estamos aquí para explicarle lo que debe saber sobre las sesiones interinas de Utah.

Celebrating Community Lobbyist Accomplishments During the 2023 Legislative Session

As we take a moment to catch our breath after the whirlwind that was the 2023 legislative session, we at HEAL Utah are bursting with pride to shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements of our community.

Our Community Lobbying program isn’t just about policies and politics – it’s about the power of people coming together to make a difference. It all started with a simple yet profound idea: work alongside concerned community members to speak up and watch as real change unfolds. And unfold it did, with the attendance of 105  individuals stepping up to advocate for our environment and its people. 

2024 Legislative Recap

The Utah Capitol was buzzing as the 2024 legislative session came to a close on Marzo 1st. After a whirlwind of activity, over 500 bills were signed into law, shaping the future of the beehive state. At HEAL Utah, we’ve been diligently monitoring, opposing, and supporting over 50 bills alongside community members and elected officials, focusing on crucial issues like air quality, renewable energy, radioactive and toxic exposure, the Great Salt Lake, and mining. Here’s a recap of the highs and lows of this year’s session.

2024 Capitol Report: Week Five

We hope everyone had an enjoyable President’s Day weekend, filled with relaxation and maybe a bit of reflection on our nation’s history.

This session, the spotlight has been on a concerning trend: a surge of legislation pushing for continued investment in fossil fuels. However, we must be crystal clear: this approach is wrong. Not only does the continual investment in fossil fuels harm our environment, but it also jeopardizes our economy and impedes our progress toward energy independence.

As we enter the final stretch with only 10 days left, the stakes are high, and every decision is crucial.

So, buckle up! It’s time to dive deep into the heart of the matter and stay informed about the legislation shaping our state’s future. Let’s make these last days count and ensure that Utah moves forward on a path that protects our environment and its health.


As we navigate the 2024 Legislative Session, it’s crucial to spotlight bills that could significantly impact Utah’s clean energy future. Unfortunately these efforts could undermine the progress Utah has made transitioning to renewable sources, affecting our access to clean air, our investment in family-sustaining green jobs, and advancement of a clean energy economy.


For the past year, HEAL Utah and our partner organizations have been actively engaged in opposing the proposed 635-acre limestone quarry and gravel pit development in Parleys Canyon, a beloved natural area close to Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, at least three bills currently under consideration at the state legislature could pave the way for the approval of this disastrous mine by undermining local decision-making, limiting public engagement, and curtailing access to judicial review.

Utah Legislature Urged to Prioritize Community Connectivity and Air Quality Investments on National Transit Equity Day

Salt Lake City, UT (Febrero 6) — In honor of National Transit Equity Day (Febrero 4), advocates, residents, and the Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah) have united to call upon the Utah State Legislature to reconsider its funding priorities.

HEAL Utah Expresses Concerns Over Senate Bill 57, the Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act

Salt Lake City, UT (Febrero 1, 2024)  – HEAL Utah, a leading environmental advocacy organization dedicated to improving Utah’s air quality and safeguarding the well-being of our communities, is deeply concerned about the potential consequences of Senate Bill 57, also known as the Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act. Sponsored by Senator Sandall, SB 57 seeks to grant Utah the authority to challenge presidential executive orders or federal regulations that are believed to infringe upon Utah’s sovereignty.