DECLARACIÓN: Injusticia, mentiras, negación, racismo y corrupción sin control en la presidencia de Trump

We, like you, watched yesterday’s events in horror. This lawlessness and violence was a direct result of President Trump stoking division for four years, playing on our country’s deep-rooted self-interest and racism and calling it patriotic. The countless, unchecked forms of injustice, lies, science denial, corruption, and racism President Trump has allowed and encouraged to flourish have increased the threats to our health and safety. The burden has been much greater to the health and safety of Black, Latinx, Indigenous communities, who face disproportionately more severe political, law enforcement, and environmental threats. Hopefully the Biden administration can restore America to at least our previous levels of the rule of law, respect for science, and accountability to the truth.  But the systemic racism, most recently manifest by how much less seriously law enforcement took the threat that white supremacists posed to the Capitol, will continue even under the new administration unless we can fundamentally change the systems that perpetuate racism and that change must start with ourselves.