Bienvenido al Consejo, Zach.

Please welcome HEAL’s newest board member, Zach Michalk! Zach is a Texas native and studied urban and regional planning at Texas A&M, where he graduated in 2013. As a retired SimCity player and conservationist, he naturally fell into environmental planning, which he does today in Salt Lake City.

Zach became interested in HEAL Utah shortly after moving to Utah when he experienced his first winter inversion. His love of the outdoors and the shock of inversion spurred his curiosity about the causes behind the Wasatch Front’s poor air quality and its impacts on health. He is ready to bring more awareness to air quality and other environmental problems and is excited to help us develop innovative campaigns to protect Utah and our health from environmental threats.

Accompanied by his trusty Weimaraner Amos, Zach can be found skiing, hiking, and camping throughout Utah.