Celebrating Community Lobbyist Accomplishments During the 2023 Legislative Session

Celebrating Community Accomplishments During the 2023 Legislative Session

Thank you for Lobbying with us!

As we take a moment to catch our breath after the whirlwind that was the 2023 legislative session, we at HEAL Utah are bursting with pride to shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements of our community.

Our Community Lobbying program isn’t just about policies and politics – it’s about the power of people coming together to make a difference. It all started with a simple yet profound idea: work alongside concerned community members to speak up and watch as real change unfolds. And unfold it did, with the attendance of 105  individuals stepping up to advocate for our environment and its people. 

Community Lobbyist with HEAL Utah. 

Change begins when every voice is heard

At HEAL, we firmly believe in the power of community engagement. Your lawmakers want to hear from YOU, their constituents, and it is their job to represent their district’s residents accurately. It is through initiatives like Community Lobbying that we ensure the diverse voices of Utahns are represented in the legislative process. Our program, which has its roots in the grassroots advocacy movements of the 90s, continues to thrive as a testament to the strength of community-driven action.

2024 Accomplishments:

From Training to Action: Our community lobbyists received training on legislative processes and key environmental bills during this session. Armed with knowledge and passion, they engaged with lawmakers through various channels, including in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, and social media interactions.

From Every Corner of Utah: The participation of first-time lobbyists, including residents from Cache, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, Emery, Bluff, Duchesne, and Carbon Counties . Environmental crises transcend county lines, but their impact varies across different counties. That’s why it’s increasingly important to have statewide representation and why we encourage communities from all of Utah to engage connecting with their lawmakers.  

Making Waves with Legislation: From advocating for the preservation of the Great Salt Lake to protecting Parleys Canyon, our community lobbyists championed over 20 bills. While not all initiatives succeeded, the impact of our advocacy was undeniable. Notably, our efforts stopped Senate Bill 172 and amended House Bill 502, which would have fast-tracked mining projects like the proposed Parleys Canyon. Additionally, we lobbied against legislation that continued our investment and reliance on fossil fuels. 

You can view the full list of legislation we worked on in our 2024 Legislative Recap.

A Community of Changemakers

105 individuals attended in-person lobby training events, with 74 first-time community lobbyists and 31 demonstrating commitment through repeated engagement with legislators. Additionally, over 1,000 individuals contacted their lawmakers either virtually or in person with the help of HEAL Utah.


In person community lobbyist.


We welcomed 74 new first-time lobbyist.


Individuals contacted their lawmakers.

'Days on the Hill' Events:

In partnership with Rural Utah Project, Bike Utah, Youth Coalition GSL, Patagonia SLC, and the UVU Center for Social Impact,  this years, ‘Days on the Hill’ events provided platforms for raising awareness on specific environmental issues and delved into intersections within environmental concerns. We extend our gratitude to our interns and dedicated community lobbyists whose contributions made these events impactful.

  • Environmental Health Awareness Day: Utah faces a dire air quality crisis throughout the state. Types of pollution such as PM 2.5, Ozone, Wildfires, and Dust PM10 create major health risks for Utah residents. 
  • Transit Equity Day: One factor we can improve to help reduce air pollution is public and alternative transit. Bills such as HB85 and HB446 aimed to improve sustainable and safe means for e-bikes and bicyclists, both of which passed!
  • Youth Lobbying Day:  Some of the most impactful voices at the Capitol are from our youth! We had the honor of hosting Youth Coalition for Great Salt Lake, who spoke with legislators and gave public comment on bills to help save the Great Salt Lake.
  • Women & Femmes: This day was dedicated to addressing health disparities through legislative action in Utah, highlighting the different impacts of environmental crises. Advocates supported SB196 to protect the Great Salt Lake with sustainable management while opposing SB224 due to concerns over increased utility costs, accountability in wildfire prevention, and the potential to impede renewable energy progress, calling for transparent resource management.
  • Rural Day: Teaming up with Rural Utah Project, HEAL Utah trained residents and tribal community leaders though every corner of Utah to discuss important issues with Representative Lyman and Senator Hinkins on protections of indigenous communities, national lands, and mining concerns. 
  • Environmental Justice: Environmental crises have varying impacts on individuals, which are influenced by multiple factors, including but not limited to gender, race, socioeconomic class, and neighborhood. After our Environmental Justice rally, we collaborated with our community lobbyists to ensure the safety of all Utah residents, taking into account all the different ways that environmental concerns affect us.
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A Heartfelt Thank You

To every community lobbyist who joined us this session, your dedication and advocacy were instrumental in shaping just environmental policy. As we continue our work beyond the legislative session, we invite you to stay engaged with HEAL through our advocacy opportunities and events.


In closing, we extend our deepest appreciation to our community advocates. Your unwavering commitment to environmental justice inspires us daily. Together, we are a force for positive change, and together, we will continue to make a difference.

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