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capitolprotestBelow is a list of bills that HEAL Utah is keeping an eye on this Legislative session. Please check the Support/Oppose column which indicates whether the bill is supported or opposed by HEAL. We put those which we think to be a higher priority towards the top. Appropriation amendments have a * at the beginning of their description. Check back regularly: We’ll do our best to keep the list up-to-date!

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2018 Legislative Bill Tracker

Bill Number Bill Name Sponsor Description Support/Oppose Status/Notes
HB169Commercial Waste Fee AmendmentsRep. John KnotwellReduces annual fee paid by an owner/ operator of a commercial radioactive waste treatment/disposal facility that receives radioactive waste. Includes $1.7 million ongoing fiscal note which could require budget cuts to the Department of Environmental Quality. OpposePassed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
SB136Transportation Governance Amendments Sen. Wayne Harper This bill modifies governance of certain public transit districts, amends provisions related to registration fees, modifies taxes related to transportation, modifies the governance of the Department of Transportation, and makes other changes.Neutral- Concerns with High EV Fees Passed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
HB331Air Pollution Mitigation Education ProgramRep. Michael Kennedy Requires the Drivers Licence Division and the State Board of Education to create rules regarding the creation and implementation of educational materials to students in drivers education and to applicants for a drivers licence.Support Passed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
HB101Air Quality Emissions Testing AmendmentsRep. Patrice ArentRequires diesel emissions testing in all counties that already have implemented gasoline vehicle emissions testing. SupportPassed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
HB171Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments Rep. Angela Romero Increases fine schedule for individuals who illegally tamper with vehicles emissions technology. SupportBill not passed and will not become law.
HCR7Concurrent Resolution on Economic and Environmental StewardshipRep. Rebecca Edwards Encourages the responsible stewardship of natural resources and reduction of emissions through incentives and support of the growth in technologies. It encourages the use of science-based decision-making, conservation and responsible management.Support Passed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
HCR1Concurrent Resolution on Global Warming and Climate ChangeRep. Raymond WardAcknowledges that global temperature, and average Utah temperatures, have increased substantially over recent decades. Recognizes the scientific consensus that the substantial cause for these increases are human-cause emissions. SupportResolution not passed and will not become law.
HB211Freight Switcher Emissions Mitigation Rep. Stephen Handy*Aims to upgrade about a dozen "Freight Switchers", the locomotives that move cargo in Utah's rail yards. SupportBill not passed and will not become law.
HB479Zero Emission Vehicle ProgramRep. Steve EliasonIncreases opportunity to purchase low emitting vehicles, improves ambient air quality; and coordinates efforts with other states to improve air quality. SupportBill not passed and will not become law.
SB141Electric Energy Amendments Sen. Curtis Bramble Pauses the solar tax credit in 2018-2019 at $1600, and phases out by $400/year from 2020-2023. This is part of the net metering settlement with Rocky Mountain Power, the solar industry, and advocates.Support Passed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
HB261Renewable Energy Amendments Rep. John Knotwell Addresses the basis of setting rates for solar photovoltaic or thermal solar energy facilities.SupportPassed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
HB403Tax ModificationsRep. Joel Briscoe Addresses Department of Environmental Quality certifying emissions by certain taxpayers; collection of an administration charge by the State Tax Commission. Creates an individual income and corporate franchise tax credit for mining and manufacturing.Neutral Bill not passed and will not become law.
HB373Waste Management Amendments
Rep. Lee PerryGives solid waste facilities the option to self-inspect, which is concerning. This could limit public access to facility data and create potential loopholes in the inspection process, including minimal training for the self-inspections. It also appropriates $200,000 of the fees paid by facilities to the DEQ to be able to spend on upgrades to inspection technology, which is positive. Overall, the concerns outweigh the benefits.OpposePassed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
SB234Utah Inland Port Authority Sen. Jerry Stevenson Economic initiative that would create the Utah Inland Port Authority, a body that would have "exclusive jurisdiction, responsibility and power" to coordinate the development of an inland port in the city's northwest quadrant. Neutral- Concerns with air qualityPassed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
HCR9Concurrent Resolution Supporting Rural Development of Wind, Solar, and Geothermal EnergyRep. Patrice ArentEncourages the Legislature and Governor to oppose any federal land designation that would prohibit the development of renewable energy on public lands
Oppose with current amendments includedResolution not passed and will not become law.
HB38Fireworks RestrictionsRep. James DunniganCuts in half the number of days Utahan’s can ignite fireworks.SupportPassed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
HB140Air Quality Technical AmendmentsRep. Timothy HawkesMoves two sections and creates a new chapter of the Environmental Quality Code. Looks to be a technical wording bill, but HEAL will follow it closely just in case.NeutralPassed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.
SJR11Joint Resolution Authorizing Energy Solutions to Create a Landfill for Non-Radioactive WasteSen. Thatcher, D.Allows Energy Solutions to develop a Class VI landfill that, according to the bill itself, "will enhance efficiencies for EnergySolutions clients by allowing EnergySolutions to receive nonhazardous, nonradioactive solid waste from the decommissioning of nuclear power plants that currently utilize the EnergySolutions licensed low level radioactive waste disposal facility.OpposePassed House & Senate. On the way to the Gov.