Meet our new Executive Director, Lexi!

Meet our New Executive Director

Welcome Lexi!

We are thrilled to introduce you to HEAL Utah’s new Executive Director, Lexi Tuddenham! 

Lexi comes to HEAL after working for Sheep Mountain Alliance, where she lead the team as Executive Director. 

Since obtaining her degrees in biology and environmental management from Harvard and Yale, Lexi has been professionally engaged in building healthy relationships between people and their environment for over 15 years. She has lived in China, where she worked for the Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge; Nepal, where she worked on alternative livelihood strategies in mountain villages for the dZi Foundation; and Alaska, where she did environmental, anthropological research on the Pebble Mine.

Lexi is learning that “free time” is a relative term with a 6-month-old newborn, but when she finds the time, she enjoys spending it outdoors, hiking, climbing, skiing, and camping with her friends, family, and dog, Tilly. She also enjoys dancing, baking, gardening, and cooking! When she is not trying new foods out on her son Martin, you can find her pretending to do yoga but blatantly admits that it’s more of “resting her eyes”.

Lexi is excited to work at HEAL because she sees this as an opportunity to bring together her lifelong commitment to health, the environment, and social justice. She believes that everyone deserves to live and thrive in a healthy environment–it is a basic human right. As a new mother, she is very motivated to do everything she can do to ensure that her son and so many others like him have clean air to breathe, water to drink, and land to play on.

She is excited to join a passionate team that presents the skills and knowledge to protect this beautiful state.

Please help us in welcoming Lexi to the team!