Welcome to HEAL Utah’s newest team member!

Welcome to our new Communications and Outreach Associate, Grace Olscamp! Grace joined HEAL Utah in early April, two weeks after knee surgery, excited and ready to tackle everything HEAL had to throw at her.

As the Communications and Outreach Associate, Grace will lead HEAL’s communication and media efforts, manage its online messaging, and strategically weave these elements throughout all of HEAL’s work. Before coming to HEAL, Grace worked as a public relations consultant for nonprofits, did communications for a renewable energy and energy efficient financing company, and has been an Editor for Outdoor Women’s Alliance (which she still does today).

Grace graduated from Boston College in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She lived in Cincinnati, Boston, New Zealand, San Diego, and out of her backpack while traveling through Asia and Europe before coming to Salt Lake City.

Grace’s dog, Diorite

When she’s not in the office, Grace can be found with her partner and their dog, who is a frequent visitor at HEAL’s offices, at the crag or on the trail. 

Reach out to Grace via email at grace@healutah.org.