November HEALer Highlight: Jacob

Meet our November HEALer Highlight, Jacob!

HEAL: How did you first find HEAL?

Jacob: Internet.


HEAL: What type of volunteering have you done with HEAL?

Jacob: Tabling and event help.


HEAL: What’s been your favorite HEAL event?

Jacob: The street fair on 9th and 9th.


HEAL: What suggestions do you have for people thinking about volunteering? 

Jacob: Do it without fear, it is worth it.


HEAL: How has your involvement in HEAL impacted other parts of your life (if it has)?

Jacob: It has brought me happiness, and makes me proud of my efforts to help the world; even though I haven’t offered much as of yet.


HEAL: What do you think the most important personal action is to help improve our environment?

Jacob: Proper self regulation in your every day life, changing our habits in meaningful ways to change our impact to a positive one.


HEAL: What makes a good advocate?

Jacob: Someone who truly believes in what they are saying and doing, and does things for it daily. Living it in every action, big or small.


HEAL: What are your favorite things about living in Utah?

Jacob: Our beautiful outdoors, and the variety of it at our fingertips.


HEAL: What’s on your Utah bucket list still?

Jacob: I will never be done wanting to explore the state, so everything.


HEAL: What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Jacob: Every new day in which I can move forward on things I care about, family events as well.