Depleted Uranium

DU is a disaster for Utah

EnergySolutions is trying, again, to bring a type of waste called depleted uranium (DU) to their Clive facility west of Tooele. 

If we don’t do anything about DU, future generations will inherit its costs and risks, including exposure to radioactivity and other damaging health effects.

Cartoon: Katauskes via Greens MPs on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND)
What is it?
Depleted uranium cylinders: painted and corroded
  • A type of radioactive waste that results from enriching uranium, which is the process for creating nuclear fuel and weapons
  • Unlike Class B and C nuclear waste, which are both already banned in Utah, DU becomes more radioactive over time
What’s the problem?
  • EnergySolutions is trying to bring over 700,000 metric tons of DU to Utah for burial in shallow pits
Why oppose it?

For the sake of our grandkids, great-grandkids, great-great-grandkids: No long-term plan exists to deal with DU beyond 100 years, yet it will be radioactive for much, much longer. Utah’s government and citizens shouldn’t have to take on that responsibility which will be passed onto our grandkids, great-grandkids, and beyond.

To keep Utah from being the nation’s dump: DU is a byproduct of producing fuel for nuclear reactors. Utah has never benefited from that nuclear power. Our communities shouldn’t have to bear the burden of energy created by other states for their own use.

We’ve suffered enough: Utah has a long nuclear legacy, including uranium mining, milling, waste, and weapons testing. We don’t want to take on another nuclear threat to the health of future generations of Utahns.

The danger increases: Utah has banned Class B and C waste because of the negative health impacts caused by exposure to radioactivity. DU, over time, will become more radioactive than any nuclear waste currently banned in Utah.


 What you can do:
  • Urge Governor Herbert to block DU from entering Utah by contacting him here or signing one of our postcards when you see our booth at community events
  • Connect with your state legislators via phone, email, and social media and encourage them to speak out against DU
  • Send Letters to the Editor to your local paper highlighting your opposition
  • Tell your friends and family about the issue
  • Stay in the loop by signing up for our email list
  • Donate to HEAL today
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