HEALer Destacado: Stephanie

Julio’s HEALer Highlight is someone who’s been with HEAL Utah for over a decade – Stephanie! Read on to learn more about her, to see what she has to say about being an advocate, and to see why we couldn’t imagine HEAL without her.

Thank you for all you do Stephanie!

Julio’s HEALer Highlight: Stephanie!

HEAL: ¿Cómo conoció HEAL?

Stephanie: I was an intern with HEAL from 2007 – 2008 as I was finishing my undergrad at Westminster College.


HEAL: ¿Qué tipo de voluntariado ha realizado con HEAL?

Stephanie: I started out as an intern, helping in whatever capacity staff needed me! Everything from tabling at summer events to creating membership spreadsheets in preparation for the Spring Breakfast. After I graduated, I moved away for a number of years to pursue a master’s degree – during that time I was only able to keep up with HEAL via the newsletters but was always excited to hear about all the exciting updates. After finishing up my master’s degree I was lucky enough to land a job back in SLC and jumped at the opportunity to volunteer again with HEAL. Since that time, I have volunteered at the spring breakfast multiple times in addition to the fall social. Every time I come out to help at an event my heart is warmed by the outpouring of gratitude and appreciation from HEAL supporters.


HEAL: ¿Cuál ha sido tu evento HEAL favorito?

Stephanie: I LOVED the 2018 spring breakfast. It was a panel discussion of local politicians discussing air quality topics and legislation. The discussion was moderated by our very own, Doug Fabrizio of RadioWest. It was such a wonderful opportunity to get to know these politicians better through the engaging and well though-out questioning we’ve come to expect from Doug.


HEAL: ¿Qué sugerencias tiene para la gente que está pensando en ser voluntaria?

Stephanie: Do it. If nothing else, volunteering with HEAL will give you an opportunity to think about something different than your normal day job. But it’s also so much more than that. By volunteering you get to meet people who actually care to make a difference in their community while catching up with old friends. I always walk away from every event having learned something new. Plus, the HEAL staff is so thankful that you took time out of your day to help out. Trust me, I’m not a morning person, but the 5AM wake-up call to volunteer at the spring breakfast doesn’t faze me one bit because I know it will be well worth my time.


HEAL: ¿Cómo ha influido tu participación en HEAL en otros aspectos de tu vida?

Stephanie: It’s expanded my network of people I know and can reach out to on various topics. It’s also reaffirmed the importance of sticking to the things I think are really important but are sometimes difficult to prioritize in my busy life – like riding my bike to work as much as possible.


HEAL: ¿Cuál cree que es la acción personal más importante para ayudar a mejorar nuestro medio ambiente?

Stephanie: Ride your bike to work one day a week. Then take transit one day a week. Our transportation system makes driving our cars easy, but there is SO much good that came come from choosing biking, walking, and transit. Even doing it just one day a week can make a huge difference for our air quality and everyone’s personal health.


HEAL: ¿Cómo es un buen defensor?

Stephanie: Someone who “practices what they preach.” If you do what you are asking people you can talk to them realistically about it while hearing them out and talking through potential solutions.


HEAL: ¿Qué es lo que más le gusta de vivir en Utah?

Stephanie: All of the things outside my window right now.


HEAL: ¿Qué le queda por hacer en Utah?

Stephanie: I can’t tell. One of joys of Utah is there are still hidden, wild places if you look hard enough. Everyone should go find their little hidden gem!


HEAL: ¿Qué es lo que más espera de 2019?

Stephanie: Spending as much time as possible on rivers in my canoe. Since we are having such a good water year, I intend to take full advantage!