New Faces: Interns & Board Members

New Faces: Interns & Board Members

Board Members:

Dee Rowland

Dee spent 25 years directing the Peace & Justice Commission for the Salt Lake Catholic Diocese. A long supporter of HEAL causes, her volunteer efforts also include chairing the boards of the League of Women Voters, Utah Issues, Utah’s Health Insurance Risk Pool, and the Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah. Some of the many other boards Dee has served on include United Way of Salt Lake, the Utah Foster Care Foundation, and Utah Safe Drinking Water Committee. She has also spent time in Kazakhstan, Kenya, South Sudan, and the former Soviet Union to advocate and provide relief services. A proud mother of grown daughters, Dee enjoys tennis, singing, hiking, and sailing in her spare time.

Camille Erickson

Camille Erickson is a Certified Public Accountant who has worked throughout Utah for the last decade. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Utah and earned her MBA at Westminster College. While she works strictly with numbers, budgeting, and financial analysis at her day job, she has been a passionate artist for most her life, exploring mediums from oil painting to clay since high school. Camille moved her family further up from the Salt Lake Valley in order to protect her son’s health from the poor air quality and will be focusing on budgeting and financials while on HEAL’s board.


Josee Stetich – Legislative Intern

Josee was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley. She loved it so much that she decided to stay and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science at Westminster College, where she will graduate in the Spring of 2019. She is passionate about the intersections of art, science, and policy in climate justice. You may have run into her tabling for Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance or slinging latte art at local coffee shops.

When not busy brainstorming ways to save the world, you can find her binge-watching BBC nature documentaries, hitting the slopes, absorbing vitamin D in the desert, running trails, climbing rocks, or cooking.

Robert Goodman – Community Outreach Intern

Robert has been volunteering with HEAL Utah for years, from phone banking and working events to lobbying legislators and helping us push positive policy through. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Modern Dance with a Minor in English, Creative Writing and has worked at Red Butte Garden as a coordinator and accounting specialist since graduating.

When he’s not also volunteering with The Road Home or United African Women of Hope, he can be found cycling or enjoying an art museum. Prior to his time at the Red Butte Garden, Robert was a professional dancer for multiple esteemed companies across the country.