Watchdogs of the Fall Party

Watchdogs of the Fall Party

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Since this year’s fall party is called Watchdog, Smog, & Dialogue, we sat down with our in-house watchdogs to find out why they are coming* to our fall party!

Here’s what we found out:


Rocky is coming to HEAL’s fall party for the community. He’s been with HEAL for a long time and finds inspiration in HEAL’s constantly growing community of supporters. In chatting with other HEALers, he learns what brought them to HEAL and why they care about the issues. This, he says, is the most inspiring part: HEALers come from all over and everyone has their own story and passions but they are there, together, to make Utah a better place.


Yahzi follows companies like EnergySolutions and is always ready to take action when there’s a threat of radioactive waste being dumped in Utah. With the stir that depleted uranium has caused this summer and fall, she’s been working around the clock and has worked up quite the appetite along the way! She’s coming to the fall party to quench that hunger and relax with fellow advocates for the evening before she hits the ground running again to protect Utah and our families from harmful wastes.

Diorite and Mako

Brothers Diorite and Mako are usually off-the-grid exploring Utah’s mountains and deserts, so sometimes they feel like they miss important news and what’s happening on the ground. That’s why they make sure to attend HEAL Utah’s events, where they always leave feeling caught up on the issues and empowered to take action in ways that fit their lifestyles. They are excited for the fall party because they will get updates on all of HEAL’s issues, as well as a preview of what’s to come in the next legislative session (which they always carve a few days out to lobby at).


Bryce wanted to invest in a better future for Utah, so this October she signed up to be a HEAL monthly sustainer. She knows her donations will help HEAL to develop and support better policies while also ensuring that they can have a strong grassroots presence so citizens can stay involved. After signing up to be a sustainer, she let HEAL know and received two tickets to the fall party! (If YOU sign up as a sustainer in October, you can get two tickets too. If you’re already a monthly sustainer, you can also get a free ticket. Email hannah@healutah.org to let us know that you signed up or that you’re already a sustainer!)

Do you have your fall party tickets yet?

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*No dogs can actually come to our fall party but they will be there in spirit!