“A watchdog.”
“Smart, trusted, brave.”
“On the front lines, making positive changes for the state of Utah.”

-These are the ways HEAL supporters describe the work we do.

Harnessing the power of grassroots advocacy and smart policy research, HEAL engages in legislative and regulatory settings to champion clean air & clean energy, and protect Utah from nuclear, toxic, and dirty energy threats.(C) Jeff Clay

Our organization has an established track record of tackling some of Utah’s biggest threats to our health and environment, and succeeding.

At our core, HEAL Utah works to ensure that the public — not polluters — plays a meaningful role in determining whether our state will serve as an enabler for a toxic economy, or one that promotes a healthy environment in which to raise our families.

How do we do this?  HEAL attends regulatory and legislative meetings where critical decisions are being made. We research solutions and pitch them to state leaders and other coalition partners. We pore over obscure documents and translate technical jargon into actionable information. We work with the media to get the important issues covered.

Most importantly, we let you know how to make your voice heard.

HEAL is not afraid to take a hard line when it’s warranted. At the same time, we’ve earned the respect of regulators, the media, and our coalition partners for our reasoned and polite approach. We pride ourselves on always having accurate and thoroughly researched information.

In all of our campaigns, we aim to get to the root of the problem. We strive to be as strategic as possible, choosing tactics that give us the best chance of success.

Ultimately, we believe, when the public insists on open, inclusive, and accountable governance, we can be heard and heeded.

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Thank you for joining with us!