Scott Williams
Executive Director

Scott was raised in Salt Lake City and has lived in Utah much of his life with stints away in eastern Canada and Wisconsin. He received a BA degree in American Literature from the University of Utah, which really means that he spent a lot of time reading novels while finishing his pre-med requirements. He went on to medical school and then completed a residency in pediatrics. Still feeling undereducated, he finished a Masters of Public Health before finally getting a real job.

He was on the faculty of the University of Utah’s Department of Pediatrics for about ten years, caring for children in various clinics that served Navajos, migrant workers and inner-city families. He then served in various executive positions at the Utah Department of Health during the Leavitt/Walker administration. Most recently he was the chief medical officer for the Mountain Division of the Hospital Corporation of America supporting physicians at ten HCA hospitals in Utah, Idaho and Alaska.

Scott has three grown sons and two small grandchildren and is an avid cyclist, swimmer, and hiker. He feels lucky to be able to regularly hike and snowshoe in the Utah’s mountains and canyons, and swim and boat in its lakes and rivers.

Contact him via email or phone (801)355-5055

Laura Schmidt
Outreach & Technology Director

In early 2015 Laura joined HEAL Utah to coordinate outreach opportunities, direct much of HEAL’s communications, manage interns, and assist with fundraising events and administrative tasks. 

Hailing from Michigan, Laura is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a BS in Environmental Studies, Biology, and Religious Studies. After some stints living and playing in North Carolina & Louisiana, she earned her MS in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah. Laura is also a member of Climate Reality Leadership Corps and the cofounder of the Good Grief Network.

She is the staff contact for materials requests, marketing or social media information, internship information and HEAL Utah podcast inquiries. Reach her via email ( or phone (801)355-5055.

Michael Shea
Senior Policy Associate


HEAL’s Policy Associate since late 2015, Michael manages HEAL’s policy agenda encouraging a transition away from coal power to clean energy. He also assists with our policy work focusing on clean air and nuclear issues. 

Michael is a native Utahn who was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He has a degree in Economics from Westminster College and Masters in Public Administration from the University of Utah. His past work includes various political campaigns such as, Corroon for Governor and Count My Vote.  In addition, he worked in the mayors’ office for Salt Lake County doing community outreach. 

When he isn’t working, you will find him skiing or mountain biking in the Wasatch with his golden retriever Rocky.  

Reach him via email ( or phone (801)355-5055.

Hannah Whitney
Development Director

Photo by Re Wikstrom

Photo by Re Wikstrom

Hannah grew up in small town Maine, developing her love for nature through adventuring around the abundant forests, ponds, oceans and more. Her appreciation for the outdoors has fostered a life full of outdoor recreation and environmental advocacy. Her passion for these things inspired her to move to the Rockies to study Ecology and Environmental Science at Western State Colorado University.

Skiing at Crested Butte also really developed her love of skiing, and after graduation she spent 4 years competing on the US Freeskiing Tour. During that time she moved to Utah where she aimed to combine her love of the outdoor and environmental fields.

She has had numerous wonderful volunteer and work experiences here in Utah, including working with SheJumpsTreeUtah and other local nonprofits. She found her way to HEAL Utah in 2016 and is thrilled to join the organization’s efforts to protect public health an the environment!

Hannah can be reached via email ( or phone (801)355-5055.

Noah Miterko
Grassroots Organizer

A new member to the HEAL team, Noah works on clean air outreach, lobbying, and making sure HEAL maintains a strong grassroots presence among the concerned citizens of Utah. He also assists Michael working on clean energy policy and the transition away from coal.

Raised in Colorado, nature and the environment have a special place in Noah’s heart. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Western State Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado, and his Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Utah here in Salt Lake City, all the while clocking as many days snowboarding and mountain biking as possible and competing in Big Mountain Freeride events all over the United States. Most recently, Noah worked in State political campaigns helping to ensure common sense environmental policy has a voice at the legislature.

Find Noah in the mountains, desert, seeing live music or cheering for his beloved Denver Broncos. 

Noah can be reached via email ( and (801)355-5055.

Jessica Reimer
Policy Associate

Jessica joined the HEAL Utah policy team in 2017. She focuses primarily on HEAL’s air quality campaign, and is dipping her toes into the nuclear world. She is helping to facilitate HEAL’s continued evolution while developing her own niche at the interface of people, policy, and the environment.

Raised in Salt Lake City, Jessica has always had a deep love for Utah. But it took leaving to truly appreciate all that Utah has to offer. She graduated with a BS in Environmental Sciences from Santa Clara University in California, where field experiences in Costa Rica, Australia, and Mexico helped her realize the important link between human and environmental health. She went on to earn her MS in Ecology from Oregon State University, and then pivoted into environmental policy to directly influence the issues she cares most about. After working for the past few years in science communication for international policymakers, the call of the Wasatch mountains, and a desire to make a difference locally, brought her back home. She is excited to be less than 20 minutes from skiing and hiking again, and to work towards making Utah a healthier place to live.

Feel free to contact Jessica at or (801)355-5055.

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