AWAiRE: What’s Beneath The Clouds.

Using film for change.

When discussing air quality in Utah, we are constantly shown images of mountains, smoggy skylines, and refineries. What we don’t see or hear often is the actual impacts this pollution is having on people. Air pollution in Utah has become a “normal” part of living, and recent reports show that this air pollution is affecting Utahns health in various ways. HEAL Utah is excited to partner with WZRD Media, Prival Foundation, and Other Shore Productions to show the concerns and impacts of Utah’s air quality through the stories of individuals.

While discussing the impacts of air quality throughout Utah, it is essential to address the unbalanced effects of this pollution on communities of color and low-income communities. The Film shows that the “West Side” of the valley is home to major freeways and industrial businesses that pose higher pollution exposure.

From the Film, ” No one should be subjected to pollution or harm just because of where they’re living or the color of the skin or who they are. You need to learn to grow as a community versus the capitalistic view of growth: Get your money and get your big house and move away from the pollution instead of ‘let’s get rid of the pollution that is harming and affecting our communities,”

Film Premiere Recap

For the fifth annual Utah Climate Week ( organized by Utah Climate Action Network), HEAL Utah and our partners had a free film premiere at Wasatch Brewery on September 28th. We want to thank everyone who came out! We had such a good turnout that we had to set up a second screen on the fly. After the film premiere, we had an amazing panel with Director Jack Hessler, Senator Derek Kitchen, Representative Raymond Ward, Daniel Mendoza from the University of Utah, and our policy associate Carmen Valdez.

We were inspired to see so many people engaging with our representatives and addressing air quality concerns. We are in the works of hosting more free screenings of this Film and creating a space to engage with representatives on this important issue. Sign up for our emails to receive more information on future screenings.

Take Action.

Now that you have watched the Film, you may be asking yourself…. how can I take action? There are individuals steps you can take to help lower emissions, and you can read more about them here. While these individual steps are great, we also need to use our voice and contact lawmakers to find solutions and hold local polluters accountable. We know that this can be intimidating and sometimes confusing, so here at HEAL, we create action alerts with all the information you need and a simple way to reach out to lawmakers. Check out our recent action alerts here.