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HEAL Utah’s Bill Tracker page is your go-to resource for staying informed during the 2024 legislative session. We are dedicated to safeguarding Utah’s air quality, promoting renewable energy, and shielding our communities from toxic exposure. Working hand in hand with legislators, community leaders, and individuals like you, HEAL Utah monitors bills that can impact our environment and wellbeing. As the Utah legislative session unfolds from January 16th to March 1st, discover how you can take action and connect with our team for in-depth insights on specific legislation. Your involvement matters!

2024 Bill Tracker: Air Quality

2024 Bill Tracker: Energy

2024 Bill Tracker: Toxic and Radioactive Exposure

2024 Bill Tracker: Civic Engagement


HEAL’s involvement in public policy stems from our mission to promote clean energy and clean air and protect communities from toxic and hazardous waste. Public policy advocacy also plays an essential role in creating systemic change and ensuring investment in the priorities that matter most to Utahns.

You’ll find HEAL up on the Hill advocating for bills that address our air quality crisis, support a just and equitable energy transition, and keep our communities safe from toxic and radioactive waste.  

To create systemic change through public policy, HEAL needs active participation from its members. As a community lobbyist, you can provide feedback and voice support or concerns for specific legislation, thus playing an essential role in ensuring your priorities are heard and reflected in public policies.

Join our team up on the hill every Tuesday and Thursday for free lobbying training. Learn more about lobbying and how to sign up here.

You have a Senator and House Representative representing you during the General Session. Find out who they are by filling out this action alert.

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This Weeks Capitol Report

2024 Legislative Recap

The Utah Capitol was buzzing as the 2024 legislative session came to a close on March 1st. After a whirlwind of activity, over 500 bills were signed into law, shaping the future of the beehive state. At HEAL Utah, we’ve been diligently monitoring, opposing, and supporting over 50 bills alongside community members and elected officials, focusing on crucial issues like air quality, renewable energy, radioactive and toxic exposure, the Great Salt Lake, and mining. Here’s a recap of the highs and lows of this year’s session.

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2024 Capitol Report: Week Five

We hope everyone had an enjoyable President’s Day weekend, filled with relaxation and maybe a bit of reflection on our nation’s history.

This session, the spotlight has been on a concerning trend: a surge of legislation pushing for continued investment in fossil fuels. However, we must be crystal clear: this approach is wrong. Not only does the continual investment in fossil fuels harm our environment, but it also jeopardizes our economy and impedes our progress toward energy independence.

As we enter the final stretch with only 10 days left, the stakes are high, and every decision is crucial.

So, buckle up! It’s time to dive deep into the heart of the matter and stay informed about the legislation shaping our state’s future. Let’s make these last days count and ensure that Utah moves forward on a path that protects our environment and its health.

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