Our Fall Intern & Project

Our Fall Intern & Project

Meet our fall intern, Riley Nevins!

Riley is a recent University of Utah graduate, where he received his Bachelor’s in Geography with an emphasis on Global Climates and Earth Landscapes. He also focused on, and has completed his certification in, applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It’s with this focus that he has come to be HEAL Utah’s fall intern.

As HEAL’s first GIS Intern, Riley will be creating a comprehensive map of the Salt Lake Valley that illustrates key issues related to environmental justice. By the end of his project, he will have collected and synthesized the data into a unique, interactive mapping systems for supporters, the media, and legislators to use to learn about the disproportionate impacts that things like air quality or heat have on different communities.

When Riley isn’t working, he is hiking and recreating in the outdoors, especially in the Wasatch and throughout southern Utah.

Riley is excited to join HEAL Utah this semester. Growing up in Utah, studying, and recreating, he values the communities and landscape that collectively create the space he calls home. He hopes to work towards creating a healthier and more environmentally friendly future for Utah.