Empowering Change: A Summer of Impact with Naphtali Garcia Arana, Our Community Outreach Intern

Community engagement and activism play a vital role in shaping the future of our environment and society. One remarkable individual who has truly exemplified the power of grassroots efforts and community involvement is Naphtali Garcia Arana, a dedicated community outreach intern at HEAL Utah

Celebrating Community Accomplishments During the 2023 Legislative Session.​

We’ve mentioned Community Lobbying several times in the past few months. Now that the session is officially over, it’s a good time to tell you a little bit more about this program, its impact during this year’s session, and why HEAL thinks it’s so important.

Here is a bit about this year’s interns and their amazing work.

Meet the interns behind this year’s legislative session.

Every winter, we have the pleasure of welcoming two interns onto our legislative team, who work alongside HEAL Utah staff to support our civic engagement and environmental policy efforts. Our interns collaborate closely and bring new perspectives and ideas to our team. We are grateful for their hard work and thank them for ensuring our legislative efforts run smoothly.

Here is a bit about this year’s interns and their amazing work.