Clear the Air Challenge

The air we breathe impacts our health, our family, our economics, our environment, and so much more. In Utah, almost 50% of our small particulate matter (PM2.5, which makes up the pollution we experience in the winter) comes from our vehicles.

What’s the best way to combat this significant source of pollution? Legislation? Regulation? Yes and yes. But one of the most effective, long-term approaches to improving our air quality comes from changing individual action. By taking a more air-friendly approach to your daily life, you can create permanent changes in our environment and communities.

But sometimes it’s hard to replace old habits with new ones.

That’s why we are inviting you to participate in Utah’s Clean Air Challenge!
Throughout the month of February, the Salt Lake Chamber challenges businesses, government officials, organizations, and community members to reduce their emissions by taking alternative transportation and tracking their miles.

By joining a team and tracking your alternative miles, you will help reduce emissions in Utah, become part of the solution, and form positive habits that will be the difference in Utah’s air quality.

Track your miles online through the TravelWise Tracker or on your phone through the Commute Tracker (download it in the App Store or on Google Play). 

Just like any healthy habit, it takes time to make these actions automatic, but once they are, it’s easy. So take action today!  to start making that change. And help us spread clean air awareness and grow our team by inviting your family, friends, co-workers, ski buddies, roommates, mentors, old high school classmates, and more to take part in the challenge.

Not sure where to start in taking alternative transportation? Just remember, CLEAN AIR!

C: Carpool whenever possible
L: Limit cold starts and combine trips
E: Engage in clean air advocacy
A: Access public transportation
N: Navigate smog ratings and engine types
A: Avoid unnecessary commutes
I: Idle less or not at all
R: Ride a bike or walk

Learn more about our work on clean air here, on our vehicle emission campaigns here, and read about the Clear the Air Challenge here.