Free Fare days


An air quality improvement program that encourages citizens to take public transportation

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Together we can improve Utahs air quality

Exhaust and fumes from vehicles, like cars and trucks, make up 48% of our wintertime air pollution. With the Wasatch Front’s temperature inversions trapping these toxins in the valley, our air quality becomes a significant health problem, as well as a visible one. Changing our behavior is one of the most effective ways to improve our air, but it’s also the most challenging way. Removing barriers, like cost, to encourage behavioral change can spur this change. Taking public transportation removes vehicles from the road and thus reduces emissions. So lowering the cost to use public transit can help our air and our health, as well as our pocketbooks.

What is Free Fare Days?


Free Fare Days make all UTA transportation (buses, Trax, and Frontrunner) free for all riders on specific days during our winter inversion season.


This program will encourage public transportation usage to decrease our emissions and improve our air quality.

Why support it?

  • Getting out of our cars and into public transportation will reduce emissions during our most polluted time of year.
  • It allows us to learn how to use public transportation and how it fits our schedules, mainly if you rely primarily on solo automobile trips for commuting and running errands.
  • It is an opportunity for Utah to support personal action that can lead to permanent emission reductions, even as our population grows. 

How to participate?

Once free fare days are announced, help spread the word and tag us in your UTA commute. You can also download one of our toolkits down below to help us spread this message! Follow us on our social media platforms @healutah, subscribe to our email, or sign-up for text to be alerted on the next free fare day.



Text  FREEFAREDAYS to (855) 801-2906 and receive an alert on free fare days. Download our Social Media Toolkit and amplify! #FREEFAREDAYS!


Business/ Organization

Download our Free Fare Days Toolkit. In this toolkit you will find email drafts, social media messaging and other tools to participate. 

Have more questions or need help? Contact Kenna@healutah.org