Introducing HEAL Utah’s Newest Team Member: Kaile Akina – Our New Community and Engagement Manager

Welcome, Kaile!

Introducing HEAL Utah's Newest Team Member: Kaile Akina - Our New Community and Engagement Manager

We’re excited to welcome Kaile Akina as our new Community Engagement Manager at HEAL Utah! With a background in design and community advocacy, Kaile brings a unique blend of skills to this role. Her experience includes working as a Community Health Worker with PIK2AR and serving as the Outreach Program Director at the UVU Center for Social Impact. We are excited to have her join our team! 

Kaile’s passion for systems thinking and community advocacy is intertwined with a reconnection to indigenous ancestry, adding a personal layer to their dedication to HEAL Utah’s mission of safeguarding public health and the environment.


In their new role, Kaile looks forward to building authentic connections with individuals who share a genuine concern for the environment. Highlighting the pressing issue of environmental injustices throughout Utah, Kaile emphasizes the need for comprehensive, interconnected solutions.


Identifying the need for circular systems that nurture the land.


Kaile draws on experiences at the Center for Social Impact to envision a task force at HEAL Utah promoting regenerative practices, moving away from extractive approaches.



Kaile’s contributions will enhance our community engagement initiatives, contributing to a more sustainable and healthy future.


Welcome to the HEAL Utah family, Kaile!

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