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On Friday, March 3rd, the 2023 Utah Legislative Session officially ended with a record 1,400 bill requests, 933 bills filed, and 575 bills passed. During these fast-paced 45 days, our team focused on engaging and activating lawmakers and individuals on legislation that addresses our air quality crisis, supports a just and equitable energy transition, and keeps our communities safe from toxic and radioactive waste.

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Below you can view our bill tracker covering the air quality, renewable energy, climate change, and radioactive waste-related legislation that our team monitored during the 2023 Legislative Session.

Help craft legislation for the 2024 session.

The legislative session includes a cycle of proposing, debating, and amending bills until they pass as laws. During the session, legislators are stretched thin and sometimes don’t even get to all the proposed bills. 

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Due to these time constraints, legislators meet throughout the rest of the year to study issues and plan for the next session. This process is known as the interim session.



Utah’s interim sessions help fill the gaps of the general legislative session and play an important role in developing state policy and advocacy work throughout the year. You can learn more about what interim sessions and how to get involved here



HEAL’s involvement in public policy stems from our mission to promote clean energy and clean air and protect communities from toxic and hazardous waste. Public policy advocacy also plays an essential role in creating systemic change and ensuring investment in the priorities that matter most to Utahns.

You’ll find HEAL up on the Hill advocating for bills that address our air quality crisis, support a just and equitable energy transition, and keep our communities safe from toxic and radioactive waste.  

To create systemic change through public policy, HEAL needs active participation from its members. As a community lobbyist, you can provide feedback and voice support or concerns for specific legislation, thus playing an essential role in ensuring your priorities are heard and reflected in public policies.

Join our team up on the hill every Tuesday and Thursday for free lobbying training. Learn more about lobbying and how to sign up here.

You have a Senator and House Representative representing you during the General Session. Find out who they are by filling out this action alert.

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Recap this years session

What we achieved in 2022, together​

Together we know the impact our collective efforts have on our local community, the greater state of Utah, and the nation as a whole. So, it’s imperative that we reflect on all the hard work that our many dedicated volunteers, determined lobbyists, and generous donors contributed to our numerous efforts this past year.

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The legislative session is over. Now what?

Now that our lawmakers have had a few months to recover from this year’s General Session, they are gearing up for their first interim session meeting of the year. Not sure what the interim session is? Wondering how you can get involved? No worries! We’re here to explain what you should know about Utah’s interim sessions.

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