LETTER: Climate change aggravates our air pollution

Salt Lake Tribune
March 28, 2017
by: Jean M. Lown, Logan


Utah Climate Center researchers confirm that climate change worsens air pollution by causing stronger inversions, resulting in higher concentrations of particulate air pollution. After too many red air days this winter Utahns need to consider the impact of worsening air pollution on the health of our families.

Climate change is not a matter of belief; it is unequivocal scientific fact. Well-funded, politically motivated groups try to convince us that scientists disagree that humans are causing climate change by burning fossil fuels. For evidence of a long history of such activity, read “Merchants of Doubt” or watch the movie.

Climate change is aggravating our air pollution problems. Educate yourself and pressure our state and congressional representatives to face reality and support policies to slow the rate of climate change.

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