LTE: Utah lawmakers need to acknowledge climate change, protect the environment

Debra Marin
Standard Examiner
DECEMBER 31, 2017

Whatever you think about climate change, you have to look at 2017 with some amazement. The Atlantic hurricane season brought four storms reaching “major” status, Category 3 or greater. Hurricane Harvey dropped 50 inches of rain in some areas of Texas. The Florida Keys were hit hard by Irma. The U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico were devastated by Hurricane Maria. All are struggling to recover.

Much of the California wine country was destroyed by wildfire and even worse, fires are still burning in Southern California. Major fires in December are historically rare.

Along the Wasatch Front, we are seeing another dry winter and are now suffering from the usual winter inversions which trap and hold dirty air in the valleys. Frequent health warnings are issued for sensitive groups.

People in Utah are taking action. More businesses and individuals have installed solar power systems. Electric car charging stations are popping up in more locations. There are several groups active in promoting alternative energy and reducing air pollution, among them Utah Clean Energy, Heal Utah and the Citizens Climate Lobby.

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