STATEMENT: HEAL’s Statement on Trump Pulling Out of Paris Accord

HEAL Utah Condemns Tragic Trump Decision to Exit Paris Climate Accords

Enviro Group Notes Rising Temps Serious Threat to Utah

HEAL Utah Executive Director Matt Pacenza issued the following statement today in response to President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would walk away from the Paris climate deal:

“Our children and grandchildren will look at Donald Trump and his allies in Utah’s Congressional delegation and wonder, ‘Why did you turn your back on an opportunity to protect our beautiful home for future generations? Why did you put the profits of the fossil fuel industry over us?’”

“It’s a sad day for Utahns. We have very little time to act to ward off the reduced snowpack, limited water supplies, sustained drought, increased forest fires and worsening air quality which is threatening our families, our communities and our economy.”

“The President’s action is built upon a tragic lie: That improving our environment comes at the expense of our economy. Moving aggressively towards cleaner energy will boost our economy, not harm it. We certainly see that in Utah, where jobs in our growing rooftop solar industry already outnumber those in coal.”

“Even as we bemoan today’s sad and potentially devastating announcement, we strongly believe that change has always come from the ground up. We find hope in the thousands of Utah families investing in clean energy and in the leadership of communities like Salt Lake City, Park City and Summit County, setting and reaching ambitious climate change targets.”

For more information, or to schedule an interview, call Matt at 801-864-0264 or email him at matt@healutah.org.