Utah’s Bad Air Quality: A Driving Force for the Better

Glen Warchol & Susan Lacke
Salt Lake Magazine
January 12th, 2018

Even in the face of expansion, cleaner air is possible on the Wasatch Front. “We have a real opportunity to build our cities with air quality in mind,” says HEAL’s Jessica Reimer. That includes creating an efficient traffic plan. With population growth bringing ever more cars (and miles driven by those cars), the amount of pollution per vehicle becomes all-important in Utah.

One of the biggest improvements will come from cleaner gasoline and an investment in electric vehicles. Within the next few years, Tier 3 gas will be produced here in Utah and will be 80% cleaner than our current Tier 2 gas. Electric vehicles (and the charging stations to support them) are becoming more common in Utah as well. But the Trump administration is expected to back off the new clean-air requirements.

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