[Video] EPA rules to reduce regional haze in Utah and improve visibility in National Parks

Kimberly Nelson
June 01, 2016Good4Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules Rocky Mountain Power will have to invest millions of dollars into emission reduction technology at its two coal-fired power plants in central Utah.

Wednesday the EPA made its final ruling on Utah’s Regional Haze Plan. The move is in an effort to clean up the air in the National Parks in Utah and surrounding states. The EPA had two choices, adopt the Department of Air Quality’s plan or force the state to require Rocky Mountain Power to install emission control technologies at the Hunter and Huntington power plants in Emery County.

The EPA chose the later and clean air advocates are rejoicing. Matt Pacenza, Executive Director for HEAL Utah told Good4Utah, “It’s a dramatic decrease. This new technology works amazingly well. It’s called Selective Catalytic Reduction and it can cut the NOx emissions by 75% to 80% over current technology, so it will dramatically reduce that pollution and it will go a long way to reducing the smog and haze that does plague the national parks now.”

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