Welcome Elliott!

Welcome Elliott!

Meet Elliott

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Summer 2021 Development Intern, Elliott Parkin!

Elliott has accomplished a Bachelors of Science in Environment studies with a Science Concentration and is now working on a Masters of Art in Community Leadership at Westminister College. Besides school, Elliott has also done field research in Northern Mongolia with Round River Conservation Studies.

When not working or in school, he enjoys listening to various international and alternative music genres while also studying Japanese, German, French, Latin, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Yiddish, Mongolian, Irish, and Scottish Gaelic ( Not fluent in any of them). In his spare time, he is also growing a massive vertical, companion planting, and biodiverse garden in a 6.5-meter x 13-meter townhouse backyard! 

Elliott is Legally blind and desires to change people’s perceptions about what an environmentalist is and inspire people to achieve anything with stubborn optimism.

Please help us in welcoming Elliott to the HEAL Utah team!