What is the Community Renewable Energy Act, and what does it have to do with West Valley City?


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What is the Community Renewable Energy Act, and what does it
have to do with West Valley City?

The Community Renewable Energy Act was enacted by state legislation in 2019 (House Bill 411). The act allows eligible local governments to procure net-100% renewable electricity by 2030 on behalf of their residents and businesses. In all, 23 Utah communities (including WVC) became eligible to participate in this innovative public-private partnership with our state’s largest investor owned utility, Rocky Mountain Power. To qualify, these 23 communities were required to pass a qualifying resolution by December 2019.

Now, the 23 communities that previously committed back in 2019 are presented once
again with the opportunity to have choice. If you want WVC to have access to 100%
renewable energy, this is the only program that will allow for that.

What Can you Do? 

Reach out to your elected officials and remind them that you want the chance to understand how renewable energy can be implemented in your community.

Want a more personal approach?

#1 most effective thing you can do:

  • Make a call, leave a message and remember to, Identify who you are, where you live, and why you care

#2 most effective thing you can do:

  • Send an email, don’t forget:
    Subject line: Please recommit to HB 411
    Address each email by the correct title,
  • Example: “Dear Mayor _____” or “Dear Councilmember”
  • Sign with your name and zip code

Persuasive Talking Points

  • Liberty – currently, residents and businesses can’t choose where their energy comes from; this program will give residents and businesses the opportunity to choose to have their energy come from renewable resources.
  • Freedom – West Valley may still opt out after this phase. If we do not pass the resolution now then we lose the option to join later. Period.
  • Economic Development – some of West Valley’s current businesses want the option to promote their use of renewable energy to be competitive in the market and may leave our city to get it.
  • Future Economic Development – some businesses are looking for this opportunity and will choose our city and bring more jobs and investment to West Valley if we can offer renewable energy.
  • Budgets – The way prices for fossil fuels are increasing and renewable technology is improving, renewable energy will likely be less expensive in the future. Our City, the residents, and businesses may have an opportunity to save money if we opt in now.

FACTSHEET for more information.

West Valley Councilmembers' contact information.