December HEALer Highlight: Dana

Meet our December HEALer Highlight, Dana, and then sign up to volunteer with us here!

HEAL: How did you first find HEAL?
Dana: I found HEAL website while surfing the net when I first moved to Utah in 2010
HEAL: What type of volunteering have you done with HEAL?
Dana: Since 2010 I have done phone banking and tabling at various events such as farmer’s markets throughout the Salt Lake Valley. I have attended variety of events where I have met some of the people that I contacted face to face.
HEAL: What’s been your favorite HEAL event?
Dana: Some of the events, such as the breakfasts I have been unable to attend, but would have liked to. Two of the ones I really liked were at Fischer’s Brewery and The Well.
HEAL: What suggestions do you have for people thinking about volunteering?
Dana: Just do it! This world needs all the help it can get.
HEAL: How has your involvement in HEAL impacted other parts of your life?
Dana: Develop friendships with like minded, passionate, never give up people.
HEAL: What do you think the most important personal action is to help improve our environment?
Dana: Educate Representatives about the importance of taking little steps to decrease their carbon footprint.
HEAL: What makes a good advocate?
Dana: Dedication and commitment.
HEAL: What are your favorite things about living in Utah?
Dana: My favorite things in Utah are hiking and exploring new places, most of them in the National Parks. So far I have visited Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef and was totally awed.
HEAL: What’s on your Utah bucket list still?
Dana: Angel Landing Trail.
HEAL: What are you most looking forward to in 2019?
Dana: New direction and working with great people to increase constituents.