HEALer Highlight: Matt

For May’s HEALer Highlight, we are excited to introduce you to Matt! HEALer Highlights are a monthly profile of some of HEAL’s incredible, dedicated, and passionate supporters.

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May’s HEALer Highlight: Matt!

HEAL: How did you first find HEAL?

Matt: HEAL found me! In 2015, HEAL’s grassroots coordinator called me at the recommendation of a friend. She asked if I would be interested in helping prevent EnergySolutions from storing depleted uranium in Utah’s west desert. I attended a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) informational meeting on this subject in Tooele and have been involved since then.

HEAL: What type of volunteering have you done with HEAL?

Matt: I have attended Utah DEQ informational meetings, submitted written comments to Utah DEQ issues, spoken at Hazardous Waste and Radiation Control Board hearings, spoken in Utah State Legislature Committee meetings, and participated in one press conference.

HEAL: What’s been your favorite HEAL event?

Matt: HEAL always puts on great events. I really like the action alerts! Everyone can participate and make a difference regardless of expertise, experience, work schedule, or location!

HEAL: What suggestions do you have for people thinking about volunteering?

Matt: Find an issue that you are passionate about, inform yourself on that issue, and then ask about opportunities to take action. Select something that works for you and tell HEAL that you are ready to help out!

HEAL: Favorite things about living in Utah?

Matt: I like living in Utah because of its diversity of landscape, climate, and wildlife. Utah features soaring peaks, raging rivers, magnificent canyons, lush meadows, amazing deserts, and beautiful rock formations. We share this land with a wide array of plants and animals that are all woven into a delicate, beautiful balance.

HEAL: What’s on your Utah bucket list still?

Matt: I’d like to ride the old Continental Railroad trail on my mountain bike, hike the King’s Peak Wilderness Area, and climb Deseret Peak.

HEAL: What do you think the most important personal action is to help improve our environment?

Matt: While our lifestyle choices make a difference, our personal impact is multiplied many times over when we use our voice to help our local, state, and federal governments make policy and legislative decisions that preserve and sustain the environment.

HEAL: What makes a good advocate?

Matt: A good advocate gets informed on an issue, creates a message about their position on that issue, and then takes every opportunity possible to consistently help steer that issue to a successful end. Often, being slow and steady is the key to shaping a good outcome.

HEAL: What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Matt: I’m looking forward to continued activism to maintain our environment and improve it as much as possible! We can’t all do everything, but, together, we can make a big difference when we each do what we can.