September HEALer Highlight: Margarita

Our September HEALer Highlight is someone who you’ve probably met at community farmers markets, especially those of you in Ogden. Read on to meet Margarita!

September HEALer Highlight: Margarita

HEAL: How did you first find HEAL?

Margarita: Through a newsletter from Weber State University.

HEAL: What type of volunteering have you done with HEAL?

Margarita: Tabling through the summer at the Salt Lake City and Ogden Farmers Market.

HEAL: What’s your favorite HEAL event so far?

Margarita: The HEAL’s Summer Street Party was a great way to meet and connect with other volunteers who care and are passionate about making Utah a better and safer place to live. 

HEAL: What suggestions do you have for people thinking about volunteering?

Margarita: When tabling at events always respect every person’s point of view even if they do not agree with HEAL’s values.  

HEAL: How has your involvement in HEAL impacted other parts of your life?

Margarita: It has made me more aware and conscious of how many times I drive my car. I drive less and try to spend more time learning about the different policies that will better our air quality.  

HEAL: What do you think is the most important personal action is to help improve our environment?

Margarita: Confidence in taking the first step toward a world you want to live in can be a huge leap. Change starts with one person and individual actions, no matter how small, can make a difference.

HEAL: What makes a good advocate?

Margarita: A person that really cares about what he/she is advocating about.

HEAL: What are your favorite things about living in Utah?

Margarita: The fact that you can enjoy the outdoors and experience all four seasons. You can snowboard in the mountains one day and enjoy time in the desert the next.

HEAL: What’s on your Utah bucket list still?

Margarita: Visit all of Utah’s national and state parks. Also, have a Mormon Muffin. I’ve never had one. 

HEAL: What are you most looking forward to in 2019?

Margarita: Getting more involved with the different events that HEAL will be providing.